brandon-thBrandon Stirrup grew up in Georgia knowing that he wanted a pursue a career in a technological field. He taught himself how to build websites from an early age, spending hours on end trying to understand the lines of code that bring the internet to life. His first vision manifested itself in 2009 when he was selected to attend the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program. During the 6-week program, he was appointed project manager of the class website and led a group of individuals to create a unique, interactive, and engaging web experience. Brandon went on to attend the University of Georgia for a degree in Digital Marketing. During his time in college, Brandon worked at the Georgia Board of Regents as a data analyst in the information technology department. Later, he went on to work at Wonder Workshop (formerly Play-i, inc.) as a marketing intern for one summer. After developing skills in WordPress, html, css, and java through past work experience, Brandon began working for Mage Communications in 2014 as a web designer.