SEO and PPC Management

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is an approach to website design and communications that uses usability, logic and quality content to make your site relevant to search engine queries and visible in search engine results. Done correctly and consistently, it can be a powerful tool in your overall marketing arsenal.

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However, SEO has been tainted in the past several years. SEO is NOT a magic bullet, and anyone who promises you top Google rankings for all of your keywords is either a cheater or a liar. When SEO first became a practice, it was easy to achieve the rankings you needed by simply applying SEO and web design best practices. Unfortunately, as with any industry, many people saw a profit potential and all of the sudden everyone and their brother became an SEO expert.


Rankings Management and Tracking



We have been doing SEO since before it was cool and before it became the next great buzz word. We take a different approach to our SEO consulting. We will explain to you how SEO really works and give you a realistic picture of what you should expect and the work involved at every stage. We will show you the principles behind it. We will involve you in your SEO strategy development and help you incorporate your SEO into all other aspects of your marketing strategy. We will show you real results with real data, real rankings and real analytics.


Full Site Optimization




PPC and Google AdWords Management

Anyone who takes the time to study Google on a daily basis knows that Google’s services all operate on the same principles and follow the same logical foundation. This is especially true with Google AdWords. We will help you develop targeted campaigns and effective messaging to produce increased, quality content for your site.  We will also set up conversion goals and tracking to help you further understand how users interact with your site.


We also provide consulting services regarding banner placement and online advertising channels.